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Before the invention of large scale grocery stores it was common to see a produce vendor, historically called a “Huckster”, driving through isolated and low-income communities selling fresh produce and other small wares.  Hailing largely from African American communities, these business owners were among the first to truly address accessibility and food sustainability in under-served areas.


Huckster's Mobile Market pays homage to these early entrepreneurs. Modeled after the classic ice-cream truck, the Huckster's initiative aims to be at once nostalgic and celebratory in its approach to health food distribution.  


After winning WIRED Magazine and Jack's 2019 Pitch Distilled competition, Huckster's is officially on it's way to becoming a reality! Support our mission by donating and signing up to our mailing list below:

The Pitch.

It all started with an idea. Watch the video that introduced this initiative to the world and  brought Huckster's Mobile Market to life! 

Good food for 

all people.


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Huckster's Mobile Market is an initiative of the Tallahassee Food Network.